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East St. Louis Chemical Genocide Victims Cry Out To Dr. Randy Short for Help

  Editor’s Note: The call to Dr. Randy Short for help from Jacqueline Everson of East St. Louis appears to fall in line with a constant pattern of injustices going on when it comes to Blacks that is coming straight  from the United States government and its complicit affair with corporate America. The systematic depopulation…

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Koreatown Redistricting Task Force Leaders Stand Against Racism, Condemn Hateful Remarks by Members of the Los Angeles City Council and LA County Federation of Labor President, and Call for Independent Redistricting Process 

 Los Angeles, CA – Leaders of the Koreatown Redistricting Task Force* vehemently condemn racism and disrespect against our communities, and do not condone the hateful statements made in the leaked October 2021 conversation between then-LA City Council President Nury Martinez, Councilmembers Kevin De Leon and Gilbert Cedillo, and LA County Federation of Labor President Ron Herrera. We demand accountability of these leaders who…

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Atty Gen. Rob Bonta Takes Action to Protect Renters From Unlawful Evictions

By Edward Henderson | California Black Media On Wednesday, July 13, Attorney General Rob Bonta hosted a virtual press conference to   announce new directives to help protect tenants against unlawful eviction from their landlords. “California’s families are facing a housing affordability crisis at levels we have never seen before,” said Bonta. “About 1 in 7 renters…

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CA Black Women Leaders on Nov Election Ballot

By Antonio‌ ‌Ray‌ ‌Harvey‌ ‌|‌ ‌California‌ ‌Black‌ ‌Media‌ Black women running for political office on every level across the state of California showed up strong during the state’s June 7 primary election. They won the minds and the hearts of diverse groups of Californians and drew the numbers they needed to secure spots on the…

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New N’COBRA Study Finds Genetic Damage from Historical Racism Linked to Poor Health and Transgenerational Trauma in Black Americans

“The wounds inflicted by the legacy of slavery linger heavily in this nation.” — U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) CHICAGO – When the wounds are caused by generations of racism, it takes a group like the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N’COBRA) to do the necessary deep cleaning. Since 1987, N’COBRA has…

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