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Forensic Examination of the Mo Kelly/ Roger Stone Audio by Audiofacts

    By Gloria Zuurveen Editor-in-Chief According to forensic analysis evidence sent to PACE NEWS recently from Dr. Randy Short, a long time friend of Roger Stone, it appears that the Mo’ Kelly audio interview whereby Stone is accused of using a racial slur toward Mo’Kelly, was manipulated after the initial interview which took place…

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The Political and Media Witch Hunt of Dr. Immanuel Must Stop!

By Gloria Zuurveen Editor-in-Chief When I look at how they are tearing down Dr. Stella Immanuel, I am reminded of what Isaiah said, “Whose report will you believe?”I am speaking of Black people specifically and others in general, whose report will you believe? Will you believe the white mainstream media or will you believe a Black…

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Clergy and Community Oppose the Sale of Baldwin Hills Mall to CIM

  By PACE NEWS Staff LOS ANGELES—Leaders of the Baptist Ministers Conference (BMC) of Los Angeles, Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), National Action Network (NAN), Los Angeles and a coalition of community groups in South Los Angeles recently hosted a rally and press conference on Thursday, May 7 adjacent to the Crenshaw Mall to  oppose…

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Healthcare Workers Share Addresses of Corona-Positive Patients with Police

Police are obtaining coronavirus patient addresses in four US states in the name  of ‘safety’ By Anthony Murdoch (LifeSiteNews) – Health care workers in a handful of American states are sharing with police the addresses of those who test positive for the virus. So-called information sharing” is currently underway in Massachusetts, Alabama, Florida, as well…

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