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Negrogate Part 1: The Boule’s Scandalous Genocidal Betrayal and Racial Treason Against the Black Nation Within a White Nation


By Dr. Randy Short



One of the best television shows from the classic era of American television was Bruce Geller’s Spy Thriller fiction “Mission Impossible” which aired from September 1966 to March 1973.  Geller’s CIA inspired series always led with it’s powerful theme music that was followed by a the Impossible Mission Force (IMF) of spies receiving their subversive instructions from a magnetic recording tape that self-destructs after detailing the assignment. Just as the tape self-destructs after giving the IMF team it’s message so will those oppressors of Black people implode under the weight of a dying empire that lacks the necessary will or desire to reform and repair itself.  As far as Black, people are concerned, our IMF team is a sinister cabal of traitors who have accepted the impossible mission to keep us down and maintain white supremacy and extreme social injustice for a few crumbs, a few dollars, a few interracial trysts, and temporary white acceptance garnered at the expense of our collective survival.

Black people have been brutally betrayed time immemorial since our ancestors were sold for liquor, beads, cowries, cloth, pecotile items, and guns by the degenerate African rulers who are the spiritual precursors of the Boule, Blacknecks, coons, negroidians, nigglings, sellouts, snitches, traitors, and swirlers that support our destruction who are a curse of the soul. We must defeat their mission, and there is no alternative to forcing a regime change in the Black community by turning our collective rage and resentment against the internal enemies of the Black race both high and low. Our present sad and sorry ass state of affairs is largely due to our collective refusal to clean house and deliver swift, harsh, and inter-generational punishment without forgiveness or fake religious appeals for reconciliation. The time has long since past for us to crush and vanquish our verminous filth and trash that would delight in seeing us be forever unfree just as long as they have a few toys and paramours of other races to sleep with.


This article is the beginning of a series of forthcoming essays calling for Black people to sober-up and overcome the masturbatory celebration of having Black elected officials, billionaires, celebrities, charismatic pastors, public intellectuals, professional and educated persons, and Black firsts and force these folks to choose sides, and, thereafter, punish all parties that are opposed to reparations, tangibles, freedom, and sovereignty for Black people. There are only two types of Black people those that are for collective freedom and those against it. For too long criminal coon pastors and fake misleaders have sold Black folks the lie that we need everybody to love us, we must be allied with every people, and we need unity with all people and all their causes without any conditions in order to attain the American dream. This is a total lie from the pit of hell, and the people that preach such things are very dangerous to our existence–only flies want unity with feces.

Coonbyah traitors be they Pork Chop Lesbian Feminists, Democrat-or-Die Democoons, Republicoons, and the rest of the garden variety scammers always see value in unity with every other people but Black people. These same frauds align themselves with forces and groups that have non-negotiable terms necessary to gain their support, and our traitors—especially in elected office mayors and members of Congress and members of legislatures—honor these demands.

When working with Jews, our traitors support the state of Israel and it’s policies whether it is wrong or right anti-Black or not. When working with Latinix, our traitors fight for social benefits and housing for people in America legally or not even if these groups murder, terrorize, discriminate, and conspire with racist whites behind bars and beyond against Blacks. When working with Lesbian Feminists, our traitors support white female supremacists regardless of whether they are supporting the extermination of Black babies, criminalization and defamation of all Black men, and the destruction of the Black family. When working with the LGBTQ (aka Sodomite Industrial Complex from hence SIC), our traitors support the socially corrosive public policies of the white male-dominated SIC even though they are the spear-tip of urban ethnic cleansing called gentrification, hoard money earmarked for all gays and exclude their so-called allies that they screw and dismiss as “ebony studs”, purge Blacks from jobs, practice gross segregation in their LGBTQ institutions and places of employment, crudely appropriate and denigrate our race as somehow relative to their sexual confusion, steal our children via Child and Family Services nationally with carnal designs, attack our places of worship, our schools, misguide our youth and libel our values and beliefs as homophobic as if we murdered Matthew Sheppard and owned them as slaves for 400 years, they bully so-called Black leaders into including their pathology as integral to the our struggle for freedom. We need to separate ourselves from all alliances and relations wherein we receive no tangible rewards. After 50 years of the LGBTQ, Brown Power, Radical Lesbian Feminist Women’s Liberation, and the farcical People of Color Movement, we need to slough off the yoke of fighting for everybody but ourselves.

The first step is smashing the institutional traitorous leadership structure that brought us to this terrible impasse. The dominant pillar holding up this execrable and degenerate brothel is the Black Democratic party loyalists who are more committed to Nancy Pelosi and Liberal Racist White Leftist Globalists than to Black people.


Evidence of the systematic collusion to betray and destroy Black people by sellout Black Democrats has been the absence of any progress or sustained struggle to improve the lot of our people over the last 25 years. In fact, the Congressional Black Caucus which should be called the “Coongressional Black Circus” has mendaciously pretended to be the “conscience of the United States Congress” but has aided and abetted the systematic destruction of Black people either directly supporting policies that were harmful to our people or doing nothing.

For the intellectually-constipated-self-hating-black-amnesiacs that will attempt to dismiss these facts, the writer will provide a partial listing of policies that the CBC either supported or failed to enact into law. First, this writer cannot recall anything since the defeat of President Ronald Wilson Reagan’s veto of sanctions against the repugnant and racist South African Apartheid regime in the 1980s has the CBC forced an issue successfully, and even this victory was for Black folks somewhere else. Here is a short, by no means, comprehensive listing of failures, dereliction of duty, or outright betrayal of Black people by the CBC since the 1990s: (1) supported the Black mass incarceration-inducing 1994 Omnibus Crime Bill, (2) the Black marginalization welfare reform policy of so-called first Black President and alleged rapist Bill Clinton, (3) since 1989 never supported 100% H.R. 40, (4) almost 100% supported the wars of Bush and Obama that bankrupted America, (5) failed to secure a genuine immigration policy, (6) supported the funding of Black genocide via annual federal funding of Planned Parenthood of America, (7) supported the privatization of public schools by President Obama’s administration, failed to secure foreclosure relief for subprime borrowers, (8) failed to defend the lives and property of New Orleans victims of Hurricane Katrina, (9) failed to have independent hearings on the impact of lead and fluoride poisoning on Blacks, (10) failed to protect Black banks from unfair forced closures during the Obama presidency, (11) failed to defend the people victimized by poisonous water in Flint Michigan, (12) failed to hold hearings on the infiltration of law enforcement agencies by white terrorists organizations, (13) failed to hold hearings on deaths of thousands of Blacks in federal and state prisons in America, (14) failed to stop the targeting of Black youth and women from unsafe pharmaceuticals such as Truvada, Guardasil, Vioxx, Depo  Provera, and psychotropic drugs, (15) failure to fight for Blacks to get a fair share federal contracts and procurement, (16) failure to fight for the safety of Blacks in Child and Family Services, (17) failure to hold hearings on the rape and abuse of Black women in prisons and armed services, (18) failure to secure HUD Section 3 funds for Blacks in poor regions of the United States, (19) failure to secure housing and medical care for Black veterans who are disproportionately homeless and indigent, (20) failure to challenge the Obama Administration’s cut of funding to HBCUs, (21) support of Africom and the militarization of Africa, (22) support for the militarization of law enforcement in 2015, (23) the failure to demand full enforcement of the 1965 Voting Rights Act resulting in 4 million Blacks unlawfully being denied the franchise, (25) failure to hold hearings on the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, (26) failure to fight to get alternatives to prison for non-violent drug offenders, (27) failure to fight human trafficking in the United States and in Haiti, (28) failure to demand the release of the FBI Cointel documents to the public, (30)  the failure to fight the privatization of prisons, (31) opposing the Born Alive legislation that allows babies that survive abortion to receive medical care, (32)  supported the destruction of Libya and ignored the rise of Black slavery there, (33) failure to oppose Black slavery in Mauritania and Black genocide in West Papua, (34) failure to oppose the Obama Administration’s destruction of the Brazilian Democracy thereby imploding the Black movement in Brazil, (35) refusing to support the Trump Administration’s criminal justice reform and initiatives for infrastructure in America, and (36) giving 100% support to DACA and  H.R. 5 the Gay Equality Act that gives special rights to illegal migrants and fashions imagined communities into protected minority groups at the expense of Black Americans.


The CBC is the greatest collection of intra-ethnic traitors ever assembled. Our people must stage a putsch against these crooks or be ruined for tolerating their pestilential charade pretending to be our leaders. These Judas goats have led us to the brink of the abyss.
Perhaps some readers will view this writer’s perspective as extreme. Wonderful, what is lacking in Black America today is absolute beliefs and strong points of view. The scumbag Boule criminals love the Ethnic Dysphoria that has been ushered in by political correctness, and the Trump ascendancy–thank God– has been an important counter to their treason. Where have these folks been during COVID-19? They are nowhere to be found as our people have died or been killed in hospitals or denied medical care. They have platinum medical care so they do not give a damn. A strong people have committed dedicated, accountable, and visionary leadership. A weak people have corrupted, venal, malignantly narcissistic, undisciplined, immoral, and fatalistic leaders. Which people do you really think we are? When the lowest ghetto drunk and most depleted crack head are more in tuned with the needs of Black people that careerists grifters in elected office we are in serious trouble. In case any detractor wishes to debate me, provide this writer with the name of a significant Black man or woman that made a real change that was not extreme…The total hijacking of our people by the Illegals and LGBTQIAPZ is proof positive that Black Elected Officials and others are totally bankrupt and bereft of any redeeming value except for the septic tank of our peoples’ history.


We can cease the downward spiral of our people by waging war on our traitors. The precursor to the United States was British North America. To be exact there were thirteen original colonies. When the men who decided that they would free themselves of the British Crown following the Parliamentary passage of the “Intolerable Acts”, organized themselves and targeted all persons loyal to the King George, III. Agents of the Crown were ostracized, cursed, denied communion in Patriot churches, tarred and feathered, subject to scathing penny press articles, victimized by vandalism, targeted by boycotts, and even forced to flee to Canada to escape angry neighbors who supported liberty. Ironically, as much as Black people ape white people we have never punished our traitors. In fact, we often make traitors our heroes and leaders. Proof of this is the luciferian deification of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Faye Wattleton, Rev. William Barber, Representative Bobby Rush, Shirley Chisholm, Barak Obama, Eric Holder, Maxine Waters, John Lewis, Bayard Rustin, Cheryl Mills, Loretta Lynch, Karen Bass, Donna Brazille, Susan Rice, Kamala Harris, Keith Ellison, Representative Al Green, and many others who are committed to the unjust enrichment of themselves at the collective expense of Black people.


Regardless of what you think of Jewish people, they have a guiding principle that posits to the universe all weighty issues this singular question “what will it profit the Jews?” Anti-Semites and other bigoted haters of Jews ensconced in their pathological hatred miss the beauty of the lucidity and logical nature of this thought. What Black Americans have for leadership is a bunch of inconsiderate and self-serving thugs that are only concerned about themselves. They lack the corporate ethos of the Jewish organized leadership who despite their diversity and differences can come together to solve problems and advance and enrich their people, which is something our media whore leaders have no desire to do. After 500 years, the Black race has been stuck on stupid, and supposedly educated and worldly people who proclaim to be leaders eschew the idea of noblesse oblige in exchange to grab all that they can for themselves a la the style of greedy late crooked African dictator Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire. All over the world, the degenerative nerve disease of aggressive rugged individualism at the expense of the masses has been the leadership mode du jour for Black people. This selfish mindset cannot be reformed. History shows that only force compels the Papa Doc style leadership to change. Moral suasion will not avail on sellout leaders. The day Black folks start throwing eggs, rotten tomatoes, and pies is the day our Quislings get the epiphany that their reign as middleman oppressors has finished. We Black people, despite how many of each other we slaughter over practically nothing in ghettos all over America, hypercritically imagine South Africa’s transformation from racist Apartheid dictatorship to a multiracial democracy came painlessly once Nelson Mandela strode out of Pollsmoor Prison with Winnie on his arm. No to the contrary, the extrajudicial targeting of traitor snitches and collaborators with the Apartheid regime by Azanian radicals forced the racist government to change it’s course. The same process necessarily will have to take place here. The question is what degree of force will be necessary to dislodge the traitor Blacks from their ceremonial positions of power?


Proof that the Black Lives Matter Movement is a total fraud is that it has no morality nor any plan to cleanse the body politic of Black people of entrenched and implacable enemies who often have shopworn civil rights resumes or genetic ties to personalities of the movement of last century.  The SCLC arguably has the most asinine institutional motto “to redeem the soul of America”.  This oafish and self-righteously vain motto reflects the misguided and self-destructive ethos of our inter-generational failed leadership that aimed to save America before trying to save the Black man. The logic of our fake leaders is this idea that there is some higher morality among Black people than white people. Were this true how could an immoral people rule a righteous people? The delusional Black misleaders see it as more virtuous to wipe their neighbors’ asses before wiping their own. This schizophrenic and self-loathing mindset is a major moral-ethical barrier to Black people addressing their problems, and such people who suffer from this romanticized myopia cannot be trusted to lead anyone. Only the strong hand of a new generation of Black men and woman disgusted by 400 years of aThis new generation must not venerate charismatic leadership that resist creating a virtue-weighed successors, and this cadre must be savvy in knowing that history is for learning lessons from the past to go forward not as celebration of the dead or an ego balming exercise for people with inferiority complexes.


This concludes the first in my series. Be prepared for more detailed analysis of the betrayal of our people and some steps that must happen immediately to arrest the destruction of our race.  This writer will discuss various sellout leaders in greater depth, and will challenge readers to begin to engage in direct action resistance to traitors who are setting up Black people for destruction.




  1. Dolly on July 2, 2020 at 3:41 pm

    Looking forward to more on this series, we need this more than ever!

  2. Sean on July 4, 2020 at 7:41 am

    I think Dr. Short words are what us needed to expose traitors against our people.

  3. Cheryl Scott on July 5, 2020 at 11:44 am

    Amen, Dr. Short.

  4. Swift-Angel on July 5, 2020 at 11:43 pm

    Good day…I can see that the sun rising to expose the lies, the myths, the filth that has been plagued the Asiatic (black) neighbor-hoods. these type of conversations is constantly needed, to recreate plans of action, so we can spend our dollars among ourselves. This is the conversation Brother Cokely spoke of decades back.

  5. DrinkingProblem on October 8, 2020 at 3:15 pm

    Sure would like to hear what this glistening brother has to say about the Pork Chop Coon Kamala Harris.

  6. AnonYmous on March 9, 2022 at 7:56 am

    I’ve been saying this for years. There is a difference between black people (which the bible is based on) and black GREEKS. Social media is overran with these black GREEKS telling blacks reparations is a “handout”, racism “doesn’t exist”, and that you must be rich and socially accepted by Caucasian people to be “high value.”

    Youtube alone is full of channels ran by black Greeks promoting interracial dating, chasing money, brainwashing blacks into thinking reparations is a handout, and anti-black hatred. You can even see some of their masonic symbols in their channel insignias. One recently got copyrighted right after he dared to speak out a little against the eurocentric racist “black men are thugs” narrative. The “Pookie” narrative is just another word for “thug.” And these coons on social media are pushing that narrative hard. Another way to spot these greek coons is they have no morals and refuse to follow God’s laws. They are all antinomian and promote female worship.

  7. Separatefromblacktraitors on August 11, 2022 at 6:14 am

    He went all the way in with this one. I have never seen anybody expose the black coon class like this.

    These traitors are also on social media, especially Youtube, spewing racist talking points against the masses of blacks. Angryman, Oshay Duke Jackson, David Carroll and Kevin Samuels (before they croaked), Cynthia G. Peso Network, Jason Black, Tariq Nasheed, Crimson Cure and the list goes on. Arguing against reparations, calling the masses of blacks “dusty” if they are economically disenfranchised by this unjust system which sets us up to be impoverished.

    All classist and spewing the same anti-black talking points as you see the dominant racist society spewing on mainstream TV. And if you speak out against these grifter frauds you’ll be shadowbanned or banned altogether by Google.

  8. Tellthetruth on August 11, 2022 at 6:38 am

    I never heard anyone go in on the black traitor class like this before. Lets call them all out, even the ones on social media telling you that you don’t need reparations, that “you’re on welfare due to your own choices”, and a bunch of other racist lies. Lying and despising the masses of economically disenfranchised blacks while they steal from them with bad business, begging for cashapps, spreading disinformation.

    When these Boule (black greeks) saw black men trying to fight for their rights and help their people; these traitors infiltrated the movement and switched the narrative from changing an unjust system to “women should stop dating thugs (racist code for black MEN)” and “who women choose.” Along with this “High Value Man” nonsense they were all peddling.

    You can’t just remove the CBC. We need to remove ALL traitors to our people on every platform.

    Angryman, David Carroll and Kevin Samuels (both deceased now), Crimson Cure, Ramil Amyr, Cynthia G, Oshay Duke Jackson, Dennis Spurling, and the list goes on.

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