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Reader’s Response: Thank you Dr. Randy Short

Dr. Randy Short


From:JD Speigner

In reply to Dr. Randy Short.

Thank you Dr. Randy Short. I have been watching this ‘pomp and circumstance’ parade and wondering what the ultimate purpose is. I recall hearing about the bridge as a child born in the middle 1950’s and as such trying to mentally and academically reason why he has been elevated. Your post/opin writing has brought clarity. I was offered (symbolically) as a sacrifice for civil rights in Los Angeles. I had the lifetime joyous experience of attending a Martin Luther King, Jr. assembly speech at the Wrigley Field on 42nd Place as a youngster. It didn’t affect me then but it was the first of many times that I was in the presence of greatness. My mother sent me as a 10 year elementary school graduate from WATTS across the illusional community divide of Alameda to attend South Gate schools for six years. I was initially in the company of a small number of “”10″” African Americans (I hesitate in using this because of the originator jesse jackson) and as I reflect on it now, I was traumatized having had no interaction with caucasians. We were called colored, niggars; asked about if our skin color would wipe off and these ‘whites’ decided that we were all related ( which symbolically we are). As I progressed through the two schools; junior high and senior high and the field of ‘bigoted’ teachers, I “”quasi-adapted”” but I developed a still present dislike of caucasians.
I attained some notoriety in these two schools; leadership, cheerleading, homecoming princess and some other things that I won’t include here. However, the experience is void especially to people that I know who went through kindergarten to high school commencement surrounded by African Americans. I’d like to know where is my parade, accolades, the naming of a memorial for me and the others that broke through the elusive Los Angeles color lines. I don’t want any of the aforementioned. My point is that John Lewis did nothing spectacular and wasted the platform he had to make major changes. He is a blur in my memory. I effected change by becoming a Pan-Africanists and instilling in my four children love for our people and hopefully determination to live unrestricted in their chocolate world that they are still creating.

Asante akwaaba to you for keeping what we ALL have lived through FRESH and alive during a time of our people being somewhat comatose.

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