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Forensic Examination of the Mo Kelly/ Roger Stone Audio by Audiofacts


Roger Stone calls black radio host Mo'Kelly racial slur in interview


By Gloria Zuurveen

According to forensic analysis evidence sent to PACE NEWS recently from Dr. Randy Short, a long time friend of Roger Stone, it appears that the Mo’ Kelly audio interview whereby Stone is accused of using a racial slur toward Mo’Kelly, was manipulated after the initial interview which took place on July 16 and was aired on July 18, 2020, the time Mo Kelly said that Stone made the racial comments.

A veteran film and television industry sound engineer specialist, Eric Tausch, who has been providing 30 years of of credible forensic analysis to the industry, provided a report to dispute the allegation by Mo’ Kelly, a Los Angeles KFI FM 640 radio host and one who happens to be Black and whose action created a deeper chasm in the racial chaos at the same time it gave Mo’ Kelly high rating and kudos with mainstream and social media but it also put Stone in a position of defense against patently false allegations of racial prejudice almost immediately after his commutation by President Donald Trump.

Tausch’s forensic analysis provides proof that Roger Stone never made racial remark.

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