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Attorney General Rob Bonta, It’s Your Time To Shine By Charging These Racist Politicians Behinds With Hate Crimes

The Southern Truth

By Gloria Zuurveen

Blacks and many ethnic group in Los Angeles rose up Tuesday morning with new found knowledge of the racist game their elected officials in L A City Hall has been playing on them. These members are all Latino and they have played the coalition game, so much as to use Herb Wesson in their political hall of shame when the head of Los Angeles City Council, Nury Martinez, tried unsuccessfully to put him in replacement of Mark Ridley Thomas in the 10 District. She gave an appearance of unity among the community but it back fired and Heather Hutt, through the fight from Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) of Southern California lead by the Rev. William Smart and a host of others who did not stand for the usurpation of taxation without representation chosen by the people for the people. She was defeated by a judge who said no and Wesson had to go.

Today, hundreds filled the Los Angeles City Hall with the voice of one call and that is to demand that not only Nury Martinez but all who were heard on the secret tape recorded message should resigned their illustrious position of leadership who are clearly against the people and only for themselves.

CA Attorney General, Rob Bonta

So it is with this information and revelation, I say, Attorney General Rob Bonta it is your time to shine on these racist politicians behinds. It is your time Bonta to call a spade a spade and do your investigation to ensure the people of Los Angeles is given the justice they deserve by filing charges against these elected official for blatant and racist hate crimes and terrorism on our dimes.

In keeping with your own words in a press release dated May, 2021, you announced the launch of the Racial Justice Bureau (Bureau) with the California Department of Justice (DOJ) to lead the development of strategies to address bias and hate at their roots and to strengthen responses to hate crime in California. The Bureau, you said, will initially bring six new attorneys and a supervising deputy attorney general to DOJ’s Civil Rights Enforcement Section to help tackle some of the California’s most pressing racial and social justice issues head on.

Well, Attorney General Bonta, the anti-black racial hatred acts by these elected officials need to be tackled head on, because from their own words they are the root cause of hate and racism in Los Angeles. AG Bonta, as a Black woman facing hate from those in leadership like Nury Martinez, Gil Cedillo and Kevin de Leon, I admonish you and your office of DOJ to press hate crime charges against these three as well as against the fourth person, Herrera, who had the immense job of lauding over the labor union. It makes sense now why it is hard press to find a lot of Black people in the workforce in Los Angeles and the surrounding communities. What they did is wrong, is illegal, and is tantamount to terrorism. Wrong is wrong and hate is hate.

You also said Attorney General Bonta in your press release that “Throughout California’s history, too many of us have felt the sting of hate and discrimination.” “It’s going to take all of us working together to take on bias and hate and their toxic effects on our society.” You have said correctly AG Bonta and it begin with you the elected official whose task it is to take on those who are charged with leading a great city like Los Angeles and the gangrene must be cut out at its core in order to protect all of Californians, especially its Black people, who are the highest victims of hate crimes according to your latest report on hate crimes and the perpetrators must cease their goal of spitting out hate through credible intervention and investigation from the DOJ to hold the toxic criminals accountable to stop their pattern of terroristic hate.

So Bonta, it is your time to shine on these racist politicians behinds. Martinez, Cedillo, de Leon and Herrera too.

The Southern Truth

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