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ZOOM LINK: Today, October 12, 6:30 PM (You Must Register):

Remember to join with your cameras on!

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  1. Tamara Lewis on October 13, 2022 at 10:17 am

    Racists and their solemn evil beliefs have no place in a country that declares in “God We Trust.”

    Los Angeles historically is a city whose reputation is highly regarded nationally as being at the forefront of social change, fighting injustices, embracing diversity, and being LEADERS to the world.

    The POWER “Los Angelenos” possess is a result of
    the many years of representing Civil Rights and taking ACTION while believing and STANDING for JUSTICE & RIGHTEOUSNESS for ALL!!

    RACISM is unacceptable and a DECAY to any society whereby it is permitted to exist…

    Our local politicians present with EVIL, having an
    uncleansed spirit that imposes suffering upon BLACK people specifically and strategically! Seeing is believing! (The numbers can be skewed)…. We know of the politicians recently exposed, yet they are accompanied by many others; allies who share identical views, and sadly represent the people as “ Wolves in Sheep Clothing.” There is no place nor tolerance for such breed.

    It is JUSTICE to hold ALL accountable and charge them of their crimes, thoroughly investigating their prior actions and voting power for corruption and systemic racism. Dignify and redeem the true meaning and fullness of our name – “City of Angels”

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