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De Leon, Cedillo Are You Gone Yet? Why Not?

Photo: Screenshot Jasmine A. Cannick Facebook page ( L to R ) City council members Nury Martinez, Kevin de Leon,Gil Cedillo and Ron Herrera Los Angeles County Labor Federation. As of Wednesday, Martinez has resigned and Herrera before her but de Leon and Cedillo are standing their grounds and as of today they are not out of the door.


By Gloria Zuurveen

Why on earth are Kevin deLeon and Gilbert Cedillo still hanging around? The tag game is over and the lights on Los Angeles City Hall field have gone out. It’s up ya’ll and you need to go in peace and don’t cause chaos for a temporary thrill and cause the people to have to pay your greedy bill.

Gil and Kevin, what are you waiting on? Follow the leader, Nury Martinez, resign and resolve the matter because the people are quite frankly sick of the Anti-Black racist chatter. The message has leaked and it has seeped out into the public streets for the whole world to see that your priority is not about community unity. It’s about greed and taking taxpayers dollars, disenfranchising people, like the Blacks, and you planned to do it without any retribution. But I praise God for the truth which was revealed and now after De Leon and Cedillo get out the door, the City can get on with the people’s business on the agenda and to began the process of reconciliation for a new revelation with collaborative jubilation. Lord knows, I hope by the time this post is published and shared that Kevin and Gil will have done their rightful and respectful part and got out of there. You know what I am talking about and we should all in  unison, out loud, shout, “De Leon, Cedillo are you gone yet? “Why not?”

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