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Sherron Ballard: Paving the Way for Women in Construction

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L-R) Steve Ballmer, Sherron Ballard, and Gillian Zucker on the scene at the Intuit Dome. The dome is scheduled to be completed in June of 2024.
Photo courtesy Sherron Ballard

By Gloria Zuurveen, Editor-in-Chief

A Trailblazer in the Industry
INGLEWOOD – Sherron Ballard is setting the pace in the construction industry. As a woman in a field predominantly dominated by men, she has   defied expectations and proven her expertise over the course of 17 successful years. Ballard’s passion for her work is evident, and she actively advocates for more women to join the construction industry. Her motivation? She firmly believes that it offers a lucrative career path.

A Dedicated Professional
When I reached out to Ballard, inquiring if she would be attending the Congresswoman Maxine Waters Town Hall Meeting On Holding Banks Accountable at Inglewood High School, she regretfully declined. Her reason? She was busy overseeing the construction of the newest development in Inglewood- the Intuit Dome. Despite her absence, Ballard exudes enthusiasm and gratitude for her job. With her extensive experience and credentials, she confidently embraces her role in the construction sector.

Sherron Ballard
Photo courtesy Sherron Ballard

A Journey of Empowerment
Initially hesitant to dive into the physically demanding work of construction, Ballard found encouragement from her daughter, who highlighted the financial rewards the industry offered. Taking her daughter’s advice, she embarked on this path and has never looked back. Over the past 17 years, Ballard has wholeheartedly   embraced her role, finding fulfillment and success as a construction professional. With her extensive experience and recognition within the industry, Ballard’s legacy is sure to endure. She serves as a shining example of what can be achieved when passion, perseverance, and determination intersect. As the construction sector evolves, Ballard’s influence and advocacy will undoubtedly continue to shape its future for the better. Her unwavering commitment to the trade is fueled by her desire to inspire more Black individuals, especially women, to pursue careers in construction.

Construction going on in Inglewood on the Intuit Dome, the future home of the Clippers. Photo by Sherron Ballard Photo courtesy Sherron Ballard

Recognition and Collaboration
Recently, Ballard had the distinct honor of meeting two executives associated with the Intuit Dome project. She engaged in discussions with Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft and current owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, as well as Gillian Zucker, the president of business operations for the Clippers. This meeting further highlights the significance of Ballard’s contributions to the industry and solidifies her position as a respected figure within the construction community.

Addressing the Imbalance

According to Zippia, a research summary on construction worker demographics, there are currently over 767,992 construction workers employed in the United States. However, only 6.2 percent of these workers are women, while the remaining 93.8 percent are men. This staggering gender imbalance underscores the importance of individuals like Ballard who strive to create opportunities and inspire more women to join the construction sector. By sharing her story and expertise, Ballard aims to pave the way for a more diverse and inclusive industry. Ballard’s journey in the construction industry has been nothing short of inspiring. Her dedication and trailblazing spirit continue to make a lasting impact, paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse sector. As she oversees the construction of the Intuit Dome, Ballard remains committed to her goal of empowering more women and Black professionals to pursue careers in construction.

Inside the Intuit Dome which is being built on Prairie and Century Blvd. in Inglewood. Photo by Sherron Ballard

Conclusion: A Lasting Legacy
Sherron Ballard’s remarkable journey in the construction industry exemplifies both determination and perseverance. As a woman thriving in a male-dominated field, she has shattered barriers and continues to champion gender equality within the construction sector. Her recent interactions with influential figures in the industry further highlight her impact and the recognition she rightfully deserves. By sharing her story, Ballard hopes to inspire more individuals, particularly women and Black professionals, to pursue their dreams in construction. With her unwavering dedication and trailblazing spirit, Ballard is truly a remarkable figure in the realm of construction.

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