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BREAKING NEWS! Judge Joe Brown Having His Say On the Topics of Today

Editor’s Note: As a nonpartisan newspaper of general circulation since 1995, PACE NEWS, serves to educate and to elevate its readers by allowing a platform as a voice of the people, for the people, and by the people, with an emphasis on Black people’s news and views.

Topic #1: High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Judge Joe Brown in Memphis, Tennessee standing beside his keepsake, a Porsche 911. Photo by Gloria Zuurveen

Judge Joe Brown is having his say about what’s going on when it come to Alejandro Mayorcas who he say is an obvious tactical target for the sequential process of investigation and prosecution of a possible Criminal Conspiracy.  Judge Brown is a renown prosecutorial attorney and judge, and he is not one to have the wool pulled over his head when  it comes to legal matters. Speaking with him recently to get the 411 on all the legal maneuvering regarding the head of Homeland Security Mayorcas, Fanni Willis and the our very own President Joe Biden. He had a lot to say on each topic of today so I decided to post not just an interview but his statement and to let you chime in on your review of what he said. After you’ve had a change to read, we would like to hear from you to report your view. So, please take the time to give us your comments and we will post so all can see. This is an election year and it is time for the people to decide about what they want and to the powers that be see that you are not just a spectators cheering on the side. Become a participant in your system and make it work by speaking up. In spirit and power of one voice making some noise. Just like Judge Joe Brown waking the masses up and making some noise with his one voice. What do you think? Send us your comments today!

The  Impeachment Articles Charge against Mayorcas for High Crimes (i.e. Felonies) & Misdemeanors for not enforcing Immigration Laws. Judge Joe Brown said, “This is surely in violation of his oath to uphold the law. He is likely to claim that he was following the orders and policies of the Biden Administration. If he does that, The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials against the Nazis put-paid to the defense of ‘Following Orders’ Not only that … If he was following orders/instructions/directives from Biden that implicates the current POTUS in Article 2 §4 ‘High Crimes (i.e. Felonies) or Misdemeanors in Office. This is Impeachable Activity Perhaps the only technical way out of this would be for Biden to issue a blanket pardon but there are problems with that There is a Felony category of Federal Crime known as Harboring a Fugitive. A person crashing the border has broken the law and Border crashing is a Federal Crime therefore a person doing that with the intent to commit—or conspiring to commit—a felony would certainly qualify as a fugitive law breaker Giving aid & comfort to a fugitive -Hiding -Secreting -Provided Shelter to -ASSISTING A FUGITIVE EVADE CAPTURE/APPREHENSION/DETECTION/etc All of the above and more are harboring to plan and/or to act in concert and/or in agreement and/or in furtherance of a scheme with others who act for the purpose of carrying out a criminal act is a CONSPIRACY.  All who are involved would be chargeable with conspiracy to Harbor a Federal Fugitive—including ‘those who neglect their sworn duty to enforce or carry out the Law and apprehend or block the enforcement of Law relating to border crashing’ would be chargeable. This would even include the President of the U.S.A.—unless perhaps he were to prophylactically Pardon the Border crashers.  This would probably prove awkward as a pardon is by precedent specific to individuals—rather than blanket categories or classes. It might be noted that any and all persons who aid and abet the establishment of General Sanctuaries (e.g. Sanctuary Cities) that Protect technical Fugitives from the Application or Effects of the Law are arguably engaged in instances of Harboring Fugitives and/or Conspiring to Commit the underlying offense.

Judge Joe Brown is having his say to educate the people everyday and in everyway.  “What do you think?” Comment.

Topic #2: An Important Aspect of the Open Border that Puts The Nation at Risk

An Important Aspect of the Open Border that Puts the Nation at Risk: Aside from the obvious Inconveniences subject to widespread discussion … (e.g. exposure of the public to a spectrum of random Criminality, Disease, Social & Economic Disruption, Consumption of Resources, etc …); A pathway has been provided for commandos to conveniently infiltrate high population density targets to retaliate for International Grievances  and to readily access prime Industrial and/or Military targets for the same purposes. Translated, this means that trained commandos can pull off another 9-11 by just walking over the border and taking a bus to their targets—skyscrapers and/or factories, etc. An entity such as Iran is also presented with a clear opportunity to carry out a Preemptive Strike to compromise the U.S. offensive and defensive capabilities. To forestall retaliation by the U.S.A. —in the face of international pressure—Iran might easily maintain a plausible deniability as to responsibility and & accountability for the strike. These strikes would be in line with and directly comparable to the preemptive ones that Israel made against Iran’s alleged nuclear and WMD programs, that is, The USAF B-1B base that launches the long range missions against insurgents in the Gaza conflict is very close to the Southern Border and readily accessible to infiltrating Commandos for a retaliatory or preemptive strike. There is no need to parachute in, nor secure a beachhead to reach and damage or destroy B-1B and or USAF Base assets. (The high number of military age border crashers is perhaps relevant material to this liability—if at the least it conveniently provides cover for the described strikes). It should be kept in mind that there is always the prospect of a Fatwā, which is a ruling on a point of Islamic law given by a recognized authority being issued and a resultant Jihad as a consequence of Middle Eastern hostilities. This aspect of the Border Crisis has not been widely considered and discussed in spite of the extreme danger that it poses.

Topic #3: Fair Employment?

I get angry when I see injustice, that is, for instance,  there are 100 job positions and one business reports it hired a 50/50 balance of men & women. Seems fair but comes out that ½ the ‘women’ have dicks—so 75 males and 25 women get work 25 other women get cheated by mentally-ill males NOT FAIR at all.”

Topic #4: Ms Fani Willis Is the Face & Poster Child for What the Democratic Party Pushes for Leadership

Fani Willis is the Face & Poster Child for what the Demo Pty pushes for leadership —Should her type run your government ? How do you think of her when deciding ? Strong Black Woman taking charge ? Caricature of an Unprofessional Shrew ? Fool ? Politically Correct Victim ? As they say in the Caribbean: ‘SHE ACTED LIKE SHE HAS GUILTY KNOWLEDGE’ Astonishingly we saw Ms Fani Willis—the DA for Atlanta—put herself in a situation where she needed to exercise the 5th Amendment.  Apparently she failed to recognize her peril. Surely Ms. Willis should’ve recognized her testimonial hazard since the office she heads must regularly deal with this issue. What she did to potentially implicate and/or incriminate herself included but was not limited to the following categories:

  1. $ Laundering Tax Evasion
  2. Failure to File Tax Returns
  3. Tax Fraud Possibly receiving (as a source of the cash): Unreported taxable income, Bribes Unreported $ from DNC et al to take down Trump, misappropriation of campaign funds, failure to disclose use of campaign funds.
  4. Improper Use of GA funds
  5. Failure to Report use of GA Funds
  6. Fraud against GA/etc.
  7. Perjury
  8. Gross Ethical Violations against the Bar Codes

All in all Aside from the embarrassing lack of professionalism … We saw the pathetic spectacle of someone who continually displayed the most untrustworthy body-language, attitude and  deportment.  Throughout the debacle, she displayed the silly-girl arrogance that too many think is reflective of a strong Black Woman.  It isn’t.  Actually, it reflects a pathological dysfunction induced by neurotic feminism. It’s one of the things that has encouraged the disruption of social order and the family ‘What you saw was what the Demo Pty wants you to get’ when it comes to urban leadership. That has led to the glorification of dysfunction and the breakdown of urban society. Be aware of it and vote accordingly. Black American Culture is non-existent outside of being an amalgam of White history. Our only contribution is song, dance, and entertainment.  Those are things that have no impact on day to day capacity to deal with the physical challenges of the world. These are ‘so-what’ things … i.e. they have no bearing on on dealing with the real world. Ms Fani Willis behaved in an embarrassingly unprofessional manner and acted a complete ass.  Let us consider various points touching on what has transpired.  This occurs in the very large context of the uniqueness of the events in American history.  Never before has a former U.S. President been subject to such proceedings. Few times in U.S. history have there been such passions involved. This concerns matters that have garnered unprecedented national attention. She talked her way into Liability for Ethical, IRS,  and Criminal violations (quite likely resulting in formal charges that will be resolved elsewhere).

Perhaps she should have taken the 5th (It is strange that no one seems to have noticed the 5th Amendment concerns—especially as this touches the circumstances of a Chief Prosecutor). Willis isn’t on trial, yet to begin with, she should not have selected Wade in the 1st place and once objections had been broached it might have been wise to have conceded.  Unfortunately politics has proven irreconcilable with rationality of late. Wade was appointed as a Special Prosecutor due to Willis’s evident bias against Mr Trump et al. He was appointed to insure objectivity  and independence from the control of the Fulton Co office held by Ms Willis. The issue the Judge is considering is essentially this: Should—one or both—the Fulton Co DA’s office and Wade be removed from the case. The heretofore concealed romantic relationship between Wade and Willis is a key element in the analysis. Other matters came to light in the process of proving an inappropriate personal relationship between Wade and Willis (that she had an ethical duty to disclose in any event). An overriding concern that might not be apparent to laymen is something known as ‘The Appearance of Impropriety’, that is, even if nothing improper was done, it is extremely important to avoid any appearance that something wrong was done. This is a fundamental point of both Attorney and Judicial conduct.  The Code of Ethics fundamentally precludes Wade’s appointment under the circumstances that have come to light. Those circumstances have revealed very troubling and suspect peripheral matters that might result in:

1. Bar sanctions against Ms Willis for Ethical Violations

2. IRS becoming very concerned with the nature of the unreported (and very taxable) cash transactions revealed by testimony—especially hers and the record.

3. Various Criminal Agencies getting involved to investigate Criminal Activity gratuitously suggested by her testimony and statements.

A great deal of what has developed would ordinarily border on irrelevant. In context with the circumstances of this situation these otherwise marginal matters have become quite material to issues of credibility, intent, propriety, etc.  The arrogance demonstrated by Ms Willis has astonishingly led to the spectacle of the Chief Prosecutorial Officer for a major city incriminating herself in serious felony activity. Many are embroiled in debates over whether she is lying or telling the truth. Quite frankly, it would be better for her personal prospects—relative to potential criminal liability and prosecution—if she were in fact lying. That would limit her exposure to various and sundry liabilities for perjury (This is in light of the things her actions, testimony and the record as a whole have revealed). You have to seriously question her continued suitability for service as an Officer of the Courts—let alone her fitness as Chief Prosecutorial Authority. Our society is very well acquainted with how Sexual misadventure has become the downfall of many … This may be another addition to that long list.

Topic#5:  Forced School Indoctrination Should Not Be Allowed

They SHOULD NOT allow the forced school indoctrination of children with the Rainbow Cult for the same reasons that Islam, Judaism and Christianity CANNOT be forcibly taught in schools.

Topic #6: A New Political Party is Gestating, MAGA

A NEW POLITICAL PARTY is Gestating, MAGA. It grows out of the Republican Party—But it IS NOT the GOP. MAGA Offers an Embryonic COMMON SENSE Platform for Americans of ALL Persuasions to Use, Rescue the U.S.A. from Decay.  Help it Become a Strong NEW PARTY and Split from the GOP.

Topic #7 Dear Woke Folk

Dear Woke Folk: “Sometimes it’s not a question of whether someone is a fool, but how big a fool can the fool be”. Sometimes those you’re trying to castigate have paid their real world dues and you illustrate your foolishness by not listening. Sometimes a veteran’s perspective sounds like a cop-out to rookies who talk a good but naive game, that is, a word to the wise (True story): Almost 40 years ago I once listened to a street punk threaten to hold up and murder an impeccably attired gentleman at a gas pump (I stumbled on this scene as I was exiting the convenience store at the gas station). I found this very amusing because I represented the gentleman and—unbeknownst to the punk—knew him to be a professional killer. The punk was talking to a real ‘John Wick’ type and  didn’t stand a chance. My client proceeded to efficiently and quietly whip the fool; then methodically break both of his legs (radial green-stick fractures) after quickly rendering him unconscious. It was fascinating that he did not draw blood. My client (now dead of old age) advised that he had considered pistol whipping the fool but had just put new grips on his 1911 and didn’t want to break them. Frontier justice of a sort (Oh yeah, in those days they didn’t have cell phones and all these security cams). My late client also used to advise youth to be restrained in what they did.The young and foolish often tried to claim he was (in today’s terms) a ‘coon’.  Be careful … there’s more to many people than is immediately apparent.  There’re some comfortably retired old gentlemen who once were muscle for the militant side of things—back when Some also made a living in the big cities being enforcers on the QT while they were students. Some rose very high in later life. Listen & read between the lines when they speak. Since you DON’T know who they are because they sensibly DON’T tell you … just try listening objectively to people who’ve learned the pitfalls of emotive zeal (as witnessed by their observations). They’ve got the trophies and ribbons They might be telling you how to accomplish what you really want to do—without saying it directly. They may also understand your zeal but have learned how to accomplish certain things in ways that you might not have the nerve for. Listen more often than you otherwise would—especially to perspectives different from yours. One other thing: If you’ve actually been doing something effective and right—you assuredly will have someone (or something) out to get you. Even more assuredly, Your adversaries are likely to come at you as familiars and friends. This is just a cautionary advisement from an older guy about trying to be relevant to Freedom. You won’t like this but experience dictates that your most dangerous adversaries will look like you and try to make you feel most at ease Also, Some who will help you are not of your kind—these are called allies.

Judge Joe Brown having his say on topics of today.


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  1. Peggy J Sturdivant on February 27, 2024 at 11:02 pm

    Listening to Judge Joe Brown has been quite interesting. His points of view needed to be said and heard. I plan to read this article again as well as listen to the videos a second time. There were facts new to me and i appreciate the schoolin.Then, I should be able to put some things in my own words. I agree with most all he said and think he expressed it well.

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